We Have Designed An Innovative Prototype That Brings Pyrolysis Technology Into Effective Action and Utilizes Waste Plastics As Resource For Small Business Approach. This Prototype Converts Waste Plastics Into Premium Diesel Fuel, It Processes 20 KG Of Shredded Plastic Particles (PE/PP/PS) Per Batch, and Produces 20 Liters Of Premium Diesel Fuel Per Batch, Along With Its Simple Installation and Operation, It Is Designed In An Efficient Way To Run On Its Generated Fuel Gas and Diesel Fuel, Designed For Safety Operation Along With Simple Maintenance Procedure.

Recycled Plastic


Process Analysis Is Key For Determining Process Parameters Such As Reaction Temperature, Reaction Pressure, and Time. It Is Also Necessary For Observing Parameters Effect On Product and Considering The Effect Of Catalysis In Upgrading Product.

Car Fuel


Plastics Are Hydrocarbon Materials That Are Synthesized From Petroleum Products. An Overview Of Plastics Chemistry Combined With A Comprehensive Understanding Of Pyrolysis Process Are Essential To Take Full Advantage and Start Turning Waste Plastics Into A Premium Grade Fuel.



Pyrolysis Oil Technology Is Not Available In Jordan Market, Its Low Adoption Until Now Is Due To The Lack Of Plastic Recycling Management, Once The Market Has Been Identified, Then Its Potential Will Be Tremendous.